Business service outsourcing (BSO)

We hope you enjoyed viewing the first two parts of our Business Services & Outsourcing(BSO) videos. We are now pleased to present you Part 3.

In Part 3, you will be introduced to our Project Management services. We deliver our services through a coordinated approach to satisfy your cross-border and/or cross-divisional needs.

At BDO, we have a team of experienced project managers, who will become your SINGLE point of contact,they will provide on-going project coordination, and assist your company to plan, monitor and drive your outsourcing initiatives/projects around the globe.

They will stay on top of things to ensure that the engaged tasks are delivered in quality and in a timely manner.

Further, through our highly secure online platform, BDO Client Portal, you will also have access to real-time information to find out the status of various tasks in different countries.

Your teams will receive reminders for required actions, and as managers, you will receive notifications on actions carried out by each of your local and BDO teams.  It is also a central library, which allows you to retrieve historical documents.

Simply click on the below and enjoy the Part 3 of the BSO Video:

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