Sustainability & ESG Services

An holistic and integrated approach to enable a sustainable future


Now more than ever, organisations face increasing pressure from stakeholders to address various sustainability matters. Driven by the demands of capital markets, communities, customers and governments, organisations are required to assess their risks and communicate their impact, particularly when it comes to environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters.

With international sustainability standards developing at pace and regulations increasing in jurisdictions worldwide, sustainability is an increasingly critical component in a business's social licence to trade. Organisations that fail to act in this space risk potential impacts to their corporate reputation, risk mitigation, market opportunities, culture and even employee value proposition.

The focus on ESG issues is a relatively new one for many organisations and requires new skillsets and knowledge. However, our team of experienced experts are ready to support you. We have been working with organisations on ESG issues since long before they became a 'hot' topic, and we have the established expertise and the knowledge to help you.

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Sustainability Reporting

Communicating your sustainability plans and activities

Demands for transparency on sustainability and climate-related risks and opportunities have been increasing for businesses worldwide. Stakeholders are calling out for information that is accessible, informative, comparable, and – of course – not misleading.

How BDO can help

Whether you're embarking on reporting voluntarily or to meet compliance requirements, our team of experts can support you by establishing and preparing sustainability reporting-related activities to an assurance-ready standard, maximising stakeholder value while minimising business risk, including:

  • Understanding and completing compliance requirements
  • Voluntary reporting framework selection
  • Materiality assessment and stakeholder engagement
  • Full/partial sustainability report development
  • Customised education and upskilling
  • Systems and process evaluation and implementation
  • Assurance readiness.

ESG Strategy & Program Development

Incorporating ESG into your corporate strategy 

Investors, regulators, consumers, and employees alike are increasingly interested in understanding organisations’ positions and activities relating to environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters. Organizations that develop an ESG strategy and program frequently enjoy competitive advantage, preferential access to and reduced cost of capital and lower reputational risk. They also attract and retain superior talent, address greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting requirements and drive organizational resilience. 

How BDO can help

No matter where your organisation is on its sustainability journey, our people can support you to evolve to the needs and appetite of your organisation. We can help you with:

    • Assessing your current state through an ‘ESG health check’
    • Developing and executing a materiality assessment
    • Identifying and assessing your ESG risks and opportunities
    • Developing a sustainability or decarbonisation strategy that generates value for your stakeholders and aligns with the business strategy
    • Creating a high-level ‘plan on a page’ which outlines key ESG priorities and targets to be tracked
    • Developing a sustainability roadmap bringing together your strategy with organisational transformation.

Carbon Accounting

Measuring your carbon footprint

2050 is an important year in our future. Governments, businesses and communities are focused on limiting global temperature increases to 1.5 degrees or less to reach net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050, in line with science-based targets.

The first step to reducing your organisation's carbon emissions is to understand what it's producing. Once your organisation has measured its baseline carbon footprint, it can work on reducing emissions.

How BDO can help

Whether your organisation is mandated to calculate and report its emissions, your supply chain requires it, or you're proactively measuring your carbon footprint voluntarily, our carbon accounting experts can help you with:

    • Assist you to understand and measure your Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions
    • Calculate your carbon footprint
    • Assurance readiness

ESG Assurance Services

Trustworthy data for actionable insights.

As ESG reporting becomes commonplace, stakeholders are paying even closer attention to the information put in front of them. They expect ESG reporting to be clear, accurate and reliable – and view ESG claims with a healthy dose of skepticism. 

How BDO can help

BDO provides third-party assurance that enhances the credibility of your ESG information and instills confidence in your data among your stakeholders. Our team combines deep knowledge of the ESG landscape and sustainability reporting standards with the discipline of seasoned auditors. We work with you to identify the appropriate level of assurance for your non-financial information based on where you are in your ESG journey and what matters most to your stakeholders. 

We provide ESG assurance at both limited and reasonable levels of assurance:

    • Limited Assurance: We conduct a review of your ESG reporting to provide assurance that we are not aware of any material modifications necessary for a fair and balanced presentation, in accordance with the reporting standards you select.
    • Reasonable Assurance: We conduct an audit to provide high – though not absolute – assurance that your ESG reporting is fair, and balanced and materially correct based on the reporting standards you select.